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Character overview 5051000.png

Character overview 5051100.png

Name Z3 Artist 原子Dan
ID 137 CV N/A
Asset ID 5051 Position AoE Damage
Rarity SSR Obtain Gacha
Type DD
Faction Black Blade
Level 80 Attributes
HP 25054 Cannon Attack 880
Air Attack Torpedo Attack 508
Armor 588 Anti-Air 588
Mobility 5% Critical 5%
Damage Control 247 Fire Control 23
Skill Description
Basic: Light Shelling Attacks the nearest enemy (artillery)
Primary (Button): Turret Overclock Fires at the 3 nearest enemies, dealing 670% artillery damage, then increases self artillery damage by 50% for 12.5 seconds.
Secondary: Full-bomb Launch Fires at the 3 nearest enemies, dealing 270% artillery damage.
Tertiary: Torpedo Assault Fires a torpedo the nearest enemy, dealing 520% torpedo damage, and increasing self energy by 200.