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Name Wasp/en Artist RainLan
ID 011 CV N/A
Asset ID 1005 Position Single Target
Rarity R Obtain Gacha, Salvage
Type CV
Faction SWF
Level 80 Attributes
HP 18870 Cannon Attack
Air Attack 1151 Torpedo Attack
Armor 441 Anti-Air 441
Mobility 4% Critical 4%
Damage Control 205 Fire Control 19
Skill Description
Basic: Combat air strike Attacks the nearest enemy (air strike)
Primary (Button): Tactical Disrupting Strike Causes 420% Air Strike damage to the 4 nearest enemies
Secondary: Electromagnetic Defense Array Generates a protective shield that absorbs a certain amount of enemy artillery damage. Allies outside the shield do not receive the shield's effect
Tertiary: Energy Boost Grants 250 energy to the ally with the highest energy.