Prince of Wales

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Character overview 6012000.png

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Name Prince of Wales Artist 渣念
ID 043 CV N/A
Asset ID 6012 Position AoE Damage
Rarity SSR Obtain Limited Gacha
Type BB
Faction Rose Empire
Level 80 Attributes
HP 27307 Cannon Attack 1265
Air Attack Torpedo Attack
Armor 532 Anti-Air 532
Mobility 5% Critical 5%
Damage Control 638 Fire Control 30
Skill Description
Basic: Stable Shelling Attacks all enemy units (artillery)
Primary (Button): Super Impeachment Fires on all enemy forces, dealing 165% artillery damage, and an additional 150% additional damage to the enemy with highest artillery damage stat
Secondary: Frontal Shell Fires at the 3 nearest enemies, dealing 205% artillery damage.
Tertiary: Concussion Shelling Fires at the nearest enemy, dealing 400% artillery damage and places it in a "numb" state - unable to use any skills for 4 seconds