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Name Langley/en Artist Fre
ID 020 CV N/A
Asset ID 1008 Position Single Target
Rarity N Obtain Gacha, Salvage
Type CV
Faction SWF
Level 80 Attributes
HP 20289 Cannon Attack
Air Attack 943 Torpedo Attack
Armor 399 Anti-Air 399
Mobility 4% Critical 4%
Damage Control 469 Fire Control 22
Skill Description
Basic: Combat air strike Attacks the nearest enemy (air strike)
Primary (Button): Full Fleet Exciting Order Raises all allied units' artillery damage by 23% for 6 seconds, and also repairs all allied units for 200 points + bonus from self current HP
Secondary: Air Defense Order Raises all allied units' Anti-Air by 37% for 5 seconds.
Tertiary: Disruptive Airstrike Causes 248% airstrike damage to the closest enemy