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Name Lützow Artist RAN
ID 068 CV Ai Kayano
Asset ID 4010 Position Tank
Rarity SSR Obtain Gacha
Type CA
Faction Black Blade
Level 80 Attributes
HP 49628 Cannon Attack 295
Air Attack Torpedo Attack
Armor 1059 Anti-Air 1059
Mobility 5% Critical 5%
Damage Control 982 Fire Control 46
Skill Description
Basic: Stable Shelling Attacks all enemy units (artillery)
Primary (Button): Frontline Fortress Formation Increases the fleet's artillery damage by (50%) for 12.5 seconds. Also increases self armor and air defense by (100%) for 12.5 seconds.
Secondary: Deterrent Barrage Fires at the furthest 2 enemies, causing (275%) artillery damage.
Tertiary: Targeted Repair Repairs the unit with the lowest hp by (300) points + bonus from Lutzow's max hp.