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Name Hood Artist 木舞
ID 037 CV Ayako Kawasumi
Asset ID 6005 Position Single Target
Rarity SSR Obtain 7-Day Login, Salvage
Type BB
Faction Rose Empire
Level 80 Attributes
HP 22897 Cannon Attack 1394
Air Attack Torpedo Attack
Armor 531 Anti-Air 531
Mobility 6% Critical 6%
Damage Control 252 Fire Control 24
Skill Description
Basic: Stable Shelling Attacks all enemy units (artillery)
Primary (Button): Weakening Artillery Fires at the nearest enemy, causing (1140%) artillery damage, reduces their energy by (200) and reduces the target's air defense by (60%) for 9 seconds.
Secondary: Artillery Formation Increases self artillery damage by (30%) for 8 seconds and increases artillery damage of all other ships by (50%) for 6 seconds.
Tertiary: Stabilized Heavy Artillery Fires at the nearest enemy, causing (480%) artillery damage.