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Character overview 5031000.png

Character overview 5031100.png

Name Hagikaze Artist RitoruG
ID 100 CV Ayana Taketatsu
Asset ID 5031 Position AoE Damage
Rarity R Obtain Gacha, Salvage
Type DD
Faction Kamishiro
Level 80 Attributes
HP 21151 Cannon Attack 743
Air Attack Torpedo Attack 430
Armor 499 Anti-Air 499
Mobility 4% Critical 4%
Damage Control 205 Fire Control 19
Skill Description
Basic: Light Shelling Attacks the nearest enemy (artillery)
Primary (Button): Uplifting Dance Causes 570% artillery damage to the three farthest enemies and reduces their armor by 60% for 9 seconds
Secondary: Large Torpedo Fires a torpedo against the nearest enemy, causing (650%) torpedo damage.
Tertiary: Damage Control Assistance Repairs the frontmost allied unit by (300) points + bonus from self current hp.