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Name Ark Royal Artist Dhiea
ID 014 CV Kana Hanazawa
Asset ID 1024 Position Team Support
Rarity SSR Obtain Delicious Revolution Event
Type CV
Faction Rose Empire
Level 80 Attributes
HP 27537 Cannon Attack
Air Attack 1275 Torpedo Attack
Armor 535 Anti-Air 535
Mobility 5% Critical 5%
Damage Control 649 Fire Control 30
Skill Description
Basic: Combat air strike Attacks the nearest enemy (air strike)
Primary (Button): Enhancement Command Repair the entire fleet by (1400) points + bonus depending on Ark Royal's max hp. The fleet's air strike damage is increased by (50%), and their air defense is increased by (100%) for 12.5 seconds.
Secondary: Secondary: Light of Fortune Increases fleet's critical chance by (30%) for 6 seconds.
Tertiary: Tertiary: Continuous Repair Repair the front-most ally over time, restoring (200) points + bonus depending on Ark Royal's HP every 2 seconds, up to 3 times.