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Name Acheron Artist 羅德花園
ID 125 CV Yukari Tamura
Asset ID 5032 Position Single Target
Rarity SSR Obtain Gacha
Type DD
Faction Rose Empire
Level 80 Attributes
HP 25159 Cannon Attack 883
Air Attack Torpedo Attack 510
Armor 591 Anti-Air 591
Mobility 5% Critical 5%
Damage Control 247 Fire Control 23
Skill Description
Basic: Light Shelling Attacks the nearest enemy (artillery)
Primary (Button): Sudden Torpedo Strike Fires at the nearest enemy, dealing (1465%) torpedo damage. For every 12.5% max hp missing, the skills damage is increased an additional 180% up to 720%
Secondary: Shelling Enhancement Increases self artillery damage by (50%) for 6 seconds.
Tertiary: Grouped Torpedo Strike Fires a torpedo at 3 enemy units, dealing (280%) torpedo damage.